Website Scraping (support needed)


Would be great to finalise this question.

Hey @JamesJames, I have not looked into the book but I have loosely followed the conversation. If the issue is that when you try to open Bardeen and the window closes you could try to convert the book to an auto book so you can start the scraping with a right click.

For this you will need to open the builder for the book and click on the very first + and add the action called When I right-click on a website to search for the action write rightclic without the k at the end it’s not a typo. Than you can name it what ever you want and select it is visible everywhere.

After that activate the automation and when you right click on the website you should see the name you added in the context menu.

Thank you for your answer. I will try it out.

Do you know where and how to edit, so I can add on ‘what it scrapes’ ?


To edit what it scrapes you need to create the template, which is not the case from what I know. Templates cannot be shared at this time.

You can map the fields to get only the information that you want from the scraper so you don’t have to get all of it. However the scraper template has to already have the information you need.

Create a list of things that you want to get and contact the person that has created the scraper template to change it.

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