Want 3000 in Bardeen credits? Contribute to our AI resource Library on Quester

Hi everyone!

I’m Talvin from the Work Smart, Not Hard community. We’d love to get more people from the Bardeen community sharing AI resources to our libraries, so we’re offering 3000 credits to the most active community members this week. We have an application process, but for everyone in here we’re offering an code for immediate access!

Here’s what’s in it for you:

  • Access to our AI resource library on Quester.io without the usual application process.
  • 3000 Bardeen.ai credits (£50 worth) if you’re an active member this week.

What do we get out of this?

  • Quality members like you to make our community better.
  • Feedback on the best AI tools.
  • Connect with skilled professionals.

Go to our website and apply now
Use this access code for immediate access: BardeenAUG23

Work Smart, Not Hard Community team

Hey Talvin, thank you for the opportunity to join the community. I will go ahead an explore it in the next couple of days.

Also could you please share with our community how is the email information that is added to the form being used?

Even thought I have the invitation and am getting this when I try to view any of the categories. I’ve tried relogging and refreshing multiple times

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Hey Deyan!
We look forward to having you, the email information is being used just so we can send you that intro email. And also to contact you if you are the most active member and will be rewarded with 3000 credits. No spam, just that:)
Try this link, we’ve been having some problems with Quester, so hopefully this works!

Thank you but keep the credits for someone else, we do get credits from Bardeen staff for supporting the community for that reason I would rather someone else that is active to get the free credits.

I still got a “No permission” message. I will try again later today or tomorrow.

Interesting initiative!

Seems like users can create and monetize databases with quester?

Curious if Bardeen users can leverage it to import scraped data into quester and monetize databases :smile:

@talvinramnah have any features to import from Notion/GSheets/Airtable etc…?

I had the exact same question, Ivan!

I passed this feedback along to the team and hopefully it is pushed soon.
When I was making this database I had to add all the scraped data manually, a bulk import from GSheets is much needed

I still cannot view any of the Quests.