Task Usage and Credits Information

I have reached out to support, but have not gotten this information yet.

Where can I view my task/credit usage? I have had a subscription for 5 months, and the one week I was out of town, I used more tasks than I have in the 4 past months combined, I am sure there is an error on my end, but I checked my Auto playbooks, and have no history of anything running, I any automation I have set up is running to 1 app, and there is no output.

Am I missing something? Is there somewhere I can go and view “this playbook used 500 credits” or this “playbook ran 1000 times”? If I screwed up and have to buy more credits this month, oh well, but I need to learn how I blew through with 2000 automations in 5 days with no output so I can fix my error.