Scrape Data in the Background Action Takes Inconsistent Credit Amounts

Description of the issue:

Yesterday (6/28/2023) I ran the below automation with one scraper action (Data in the Background) twice - once it used 14 credits and the second it used 7 credits. Today it is consistently using 7 credits. Ivan told me to report it here for Bardeen to look into further.

Bardeen version: 2.25.1
Link to Playbook or Autobook (if applicable):

This is from the release notes,

I wanted to check the automation from Jess and

here is what I got when tried to open in builder.


I think there was some other automation that I was helping with that had an integration that I did not have connected and it did not ask me to connect when I just wanted to open in builder so I consider this a bug.

I also have seen some inconstancy with double credits. It has happened only once or twice so it is hard to say where did it come from.

The release notes specifically refer to dialog that appears if you click Show Details on a playbook, not the builder. To open a playbook in the builder you need to enable all integrations used in it.


Thank you for clarifying.

To understand this, you ran the same automation twice, same inputs and same outputs, yet spent less credits the second time?

Thanks for reporting this! Seems delicate, we’ll try to reproduce.

That is correct Ivan :+1:

Thank you!

Could someone explain how the credits are consume and how quickly do they update on the extension. The credit discount is per run per number of premium features. If in a playbook I have 2 premium features I will consume 2 credits every time that I run it?


You credit usage should update immediately. Credit usage is per record outputted by the playbook. So if your final output as 10 results and the playbook has 2 premium features, that will use 20 credits (10 x 2) per playbook run.

Here is a breakdown of how many credits per record each premium action uses:

In the main app window, if you hover over the playbook name, you can see how many credits it will use per record/result.

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