Pricing for the deep scraper?

Can someone tell me exactly how scrape deep works, I just used up all my credits and I don’t know how it happened…

Hi Carlos

I’m sorry about your issue.

If you can describe your case thouroughly, specially how you ran the automation, we can understand better what happened.

It’s likely that you ran a big automation that contains an OPENAI command or a Background scraping command and your credits were consumed rapidly.

Can you check your history, maybe share the automation you ran?

Most questions about our pricing and pro plans are answered in these 2 pages. They explain how our pricing works.

Our pricing page: Pricing
Our blog:

I did a scraper, and then I did a second scraper of the links that were the result of the first scraper, that i, deep scraper, I didn’t use any ia command, it was easy, but after waiting 4 hours, my credits were zero.
Note: I only extracted data.

If you scraped data in the background for those links, that’s what consumed the credits.

The automations that contain “scrape data in the background” consume Bardeen credits.

What this means is that if I extract a list of 20 links, and use that list of 20 links as background, I will have consumed 20 credits?..:thinking:

Yes, the background scraper consumes 1 credit per row scraped.

I think I spotted where the confusion might be. On the website seems like one of the FAQ’s is buggy and it’s showing like this

I apologize for that! We’ll update it asap.

It was already updated. :white_check_mark:

Thanks for technical support, I did not expect quick answers, that surprises me a lot, since it is difficult to get fast and effective customer service or technical support (whatever you want to call it).
In other way, yesterday I decided to cancel the service, my scraping average per month is 1, hopefully 2, so it is not profitable to use the service.
I’m still trying to get a tool that will help me scraping, without having to lose all the profit on it.
Ivan one more time…Thank you.

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Hi @carlosalbertomorillo !

Our most basic plan is $10 usd per month, which can allow you to scrape up to 500 rows with the deep scraper for instance.

To understand, you’re not planning to use the 500 so you’d like to pay fewer credits?

If that’s the case, DM me, we might be able to figure out another way :slight_smile:

But more importantly, remember you have a 15 day trial with 500 credits available to use for free, so you can test Bardeen with those and feel free to upgrade only when needed.

You can also scrape on active tab for free (could be a better option in this case?), and connect to many apps!

If you share your automation we can check if it can be modified into a active tab scraper automation.

Thanks on this!

We’re a small team so making the best efforts here :slight_smile:

Wouldn’t be possible withought the help of the community, and MVP’s like @Jess and @Deyan_Petrov :trophy: who willingly help other users.

We want to empower users to collaborate and help each other too :smiley:

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