Is Bardeen priced right?

I am using the scrapper and dumbing into sheets.

I was testing this tool out to see if my business can utilize it. I am trying to scrap a handful of websites daily.

I loved the tool, it was easy and powerful to use. However as I explored more and realized how many credits I’d be using I was shocked.

Essentially it’s 1 line of text for 1 credit… That is insanely expensive. Forget images… That’s even more crazy priced. And yes I need the background scrapper otherwise it’s pointless.

I only need maybe 2000 scrapes a day but when you add that up, it’s somewhere around $1-2 per line, depending on what plan you’re using. Which from what I can tell is roughly their 20,000 credit plan for $360. No images, no other premium features, just background search 2000 lines and dumb into sheets cost me $360 a month forever?

For $1000 I can just get somebody to create a program one time that does the same thing forever with no subscription. How can I seriously be expected to pay a third of that monthly as a Saas model?

What am I missing here? How can this possibly be close to 1 credit per line? That seems wildly expensive.

I’m looking at the FAQ credit = on the pricing page. For some reason it doesn’t really explain what 1 line of background scrape cost but It’s 1 credit. I confirmed myself with testing my 500 free trail credits.

I find it particularly frustrating because I’m a business who wants to use this tool and I spent time learning it. But the pricing is not realistic.

Are you using scheduled or automated scraping? I pay monthly and hardly use any credits but usually do it with the browser open and trigger manually as it is scraping of profiles for recruitment.

Did over 10’000 rows on the weekend to feed into sheets and then into an llm for shortlisting. My whole team uses the free version and we probably do an average of 20’000 scrapes a week that gets filtered.

So, maybe your solution is to not use deep scraping (or use it after manually scraping the initial steps)?

Thank you for your feedback. We’re glad to hear you found our tool easy and powerful to use. We understand your concerns about the pricing structure, especially with high-volume scraping needs. We are continuously evaluating our plans to better serve all users, and your feedback is invaluable in this process.

We appreciate you giving a try and encourage you to stay tuned for updates as we work on new features and adjustments. If you have any specific suggestions or further details about your needs, please share them with us. Our goal is to provide the best possible service, and your insights are crucial in helping us achieve that.