Scraping Instagram or Tiktok and risk getting account banned/Disabled?


I wanted to know if we use the Instagram or Tiktok scraper, is there a chance we can get banned?

Should we use a VPN or residential proxies? Just want to be extra safe and would appreciate some advice!

Thank you

I am now getting this error when trying to load the IG profiles in Incognito…

Hi, can you add some information on your username/name, etc?

To answer your question, yes, there’s risk to be suspended if you

That said, since Bardeen scrapes from the browser, and we have features like the Delays, there are ways to minimize this risk.

We haven’t head of any banned IG or TikTok accounts recently.

My recommendation is not to scrape thousands of items in a single scrape, rather do it on batches.

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These can be IG limitations, they are outside our control.

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