Scraping emails from Youtube profiles

Hey everyone, I’m wondering if there’s a way to scrape email data from YouTube profiles?

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I don’t think it’s possible since youtube doesn’t show this information publically.

If you have examples where it’s shown, please share, we can try to get it.

Rule of thumnb:
If the email is on the page or visible on the html, it can usually can be extracted or scraped.

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Looks like Bardeen has one here: Bardeen - YouTube

  1. Select Button Labeled: “View email address”:
  2. Select the checkbox and select Button Labeled: “Submit”:
  3. Same Page displays email address:

@Adigoldstein - is this where you are trying to scrape email address from YouTube Profiles? Or is there another /page that shows the location of the email address displayed?

Thank you!

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Nice! How did I not spot this haha

Seems like the email is there, yet it’s captcha-protected, precisely so it’s not scraped.

Can’t think of a way to extract it.


Yes! That’s exactly what I’m looking for…any way to automate and scraping captch ?