Scraping Addresses From Zillow into Google Sheets & separating address, city, state, zip

Here is a simple automation to gather addresses from Zillow, separating the address, city, state, and zip into individual columns in Google Sheets.

As I improve the playbook I’ll edit this first post so you can see the progress. Feel free to ask any questions or provide suggestions below :slight_smile:

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–Version 1–

  1. Bardeen Playbook V1: Shared Playbook | Bardeen
  2. Here is a video: Loom | Free Screen & Video Recording Software | Loom
  3. Reg Ex Formulas Used

Address: ^[^,]*
City: (?<=, )[^,]*(?=,)
State: (?<=, )\b\w{2}\b
Zip: (?<=,.+)(?=\d)\d+

What I want to improve (comment below if you have any other ideas) : I would love to automatically remove any duplicates. Once Bardeen fixes their bug we can add this into this playbook :slight_smile:

Novel approach… based on embeddings (more here).

The basic premise is that rows with “meaning” can be semantically identical, and AI embeddings make this almost effortless. And speaking of effortlessness - I stopped using RegEx for data cleansing recently and instead opted for AI.

@Bill.French thanks for the info and I’ll make sure to check this out because this was driving me crazy when using Bardeen :slight_smile:

You can use this action. Select the table and than write the column name do not select a table and than a column just write the name.

This should than return a table that can be added to the desired output table e.g Gsheets, AirTable etc


i am trying to scrape an area (a city) on zillow and adjust what headers from Zillow show up on a google sheet-
listing price
sq ft
rent estimate
days on market