Zillow Scraper is Not Working


I have been trying to scrape Zillow listings to a CSV file, but the “Zillow listings (from search) to Google Sheets” playbook is not working. For example, in Zillow, I am filtering for homes in Arizona cities, number of beds/baths, etc. I only have a total of 50 listings results. When I run the playbook, Bardeen is only retrieving 10 listings instead of the total 50. Has this happened to anyone else and how did you fix it? Thanks!

Hey Carlos! Thanks for reaching out and sorry to hear that you’re experiencing some issues with the Zillow scraper playbook.

It sounds like you’re not getting the full 50 listings that you’re expecting.

In order to better assist you, could you please provide us with an example url we can test this issue on?

This will help us investigate and find a solution for you.

Hi there! I’m having the same issue. In the link below we have 230 results and the tool is only scrapping 101 results.


Link: https://www.zillow.com/fort-lauderdale-fl/rentals/?searchQueryState={"pagination"%3A{}%2C"mapBounds"%3A{"west"%3A-80.33325655957032%2C"east"%3A-79.96933444042969%2C"south"%3A25.992895023104335%2C"north"%3A26.265375668943907}%2C"regionSelection"%3A[{"regionId"%3A31606%2C"regionType"%3A6}]%2C"isMapVisible"%3Atrue%2C"filterState"%3A{"fsba"%3A{"value"%3Afalse}%2C"fsbo"%3A{"value"%3Afalse}%2C"nc"%3A{"value"%3Afalse}%2C"fore"%3A{"value"%3Afalse}%2C"cmsn"%3A{"value"%3Afalse}%2C"auc"%3A{"value"%3Afalse}%2C"fr"%3A{"value"%3Atrue}%2C"ah"%3A{"value"%3Atrue}%2C"mp"%3A{"max"%3A4000}%2C"price"%3A{"max"%3A792125}%2C"apco"%3A{"value"%3Afalse}%2C"tow"%3A{"value"%3Afalse}%2C"apa"%3A{"value"%3Afalse}%2C"con"%3A{"value"%3Afalse}}%2C"isListVisible"%3Atrue%2C"mapZoom"%3A11%2C"usersSearchTerm"%3A"Fort%20Lauderdale%20FL"}

Thank you all for reporting this, we will fix it this week, meanwhile here is a workaround to unblock you:

  • Extend suggested model
  • Change container to #grid-search-results > ul > li
  • Add small delay 0.2 as last action

Demo: Loom | Free Screen & Video Recording Software | Loom

Hi! Thanks for your reply, I’m new with Bardeen and I’m using the trial version but I can’t find where to change thee container. I’ve seen some videos but the option doesn’t seem to ve availabe in the trial. Is this correct?


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Here’s how you can change the container selector. Click here and remove the pre-made selectors. Then add the one Manvel shared and save :slight_smile: