Deep scraping for zillow/redfin

Followed the tutorial video on YouTube and created a single page listing scraper :+1:t2: created a list scraped that paginations :+1:t2: when I created the deep scraper that starts on the list page into the link of each listing to extract data it gets some data but not all . Can I jump on a zoom with someone to give me a hand. :pray:t2::grin:

Hi @krom357

Would you mind sharing the website you are trying to scrape from exactly as well as the automation?

It’s likely an issue with the container selector in the scraper template if you’re not getting all the results. Once we have the above information, we’ll take a look for you. As a friendly reminder, it’s always best to provide these details in the topic posted to help troubleshoot any inquiries on our end for you.

Thank you,

using zillow only for now . i built a listing page scraper works perfect. built a list scraper of only address and url of listing works perfect both sent info to the correct google sheet and in the right columns. when i try to deep scrap to extract a list - then scrape each listing using the listing page it seems to get stuck and program “freezes” does not complete the action.

i will provide a link where i screen record my screen as i go through the process

i thought i had a solution but it appear that the scraper cant open each indiviual link to scrape and get stuck on the first link. better description in the video.

Hey @krom357

We have a couple of Zillow scraper templates built by Bardeen and one of them seems to fit your use case. We recommend using Bardeen templates as they are kept up to date if any changes to the website (that impact scraping) are reported.

Here’s a Loom video to run you through how you can find them

Can I edit the Bardeen scraper to pick out certain information. I need Address, list price , url, bedroom,bathroom, sq ft, realtor , realtor cell, listing picture. The basic listing scraper works great used it over 100+ times last night for my business. The problem is when I use it with a list scraper (which also works perfectly) the two won’t sync up and scrape the list then scape the listing. It gets stuck at the first listing from the list scraped and does not open up the listing box in chrome. I would gladly jump on a zoom or discord to share my screen to show you. It is an amazing tool for my business and I really need it to work. I was up to 2 am last night manually scraping listings, and have been trying to figure out why it’s not working for 2 days.

Hey @krom357 ,

I apologize for the difficulties you’ve been facing in getting things up and running. You do have the option to modify the scraper, as demonstrated in this demo. However, I believe you may not need to make many changes, since the scraper template already includes the variables you’ve outlined.

For your convenience, I have crafted a playbook, which should serve as an excellent starting point for your needs. You’re most welcome to duplicate and build upon this, incorporating all the variables you require.

could i trouble you to build a playbook from existing bardeen scrapers that go on a active tab. When your on this active tab which for example would be a search for an area/listing criteria from zillow filters. it would ask how many listings (example 20) it would go through those 20 listings and extract the information using the bardeen" Get zillow property data " create a sheet, ask for the title, and map out the sheet with the results.

and i appreciate you creating the demo video and the playbook in the last message.

is it possible that zilllow will not allow deep scraping ? it seems to get through the list scrape , but get “stuck” when it is attempting to open each listing.

This might help further.

Hey @krom357,

I’ve created a playbook that scrapes the search results page and then the individual property pages.

Here’s a quick Loom video explaining how it works. Hope that gets you going with using Bardeen to automate your manual work!

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in addition to the message on the video i uninstalled the extension and reinstalled it also.

Even if we could jump on a call/zoom so I could show you my screen I would appreciate it

Hi @krom357 as an update, our engineering team has identified a bug. We hope to have more info on the fix shortly! Thanks for your patience! cc: @vin_bardeen @manvel

just wanted to see if there are any updates on the issue?

Unfortunately, we will likely not have this fixed until next week. Thank you so much for your patience.

Hi @krom357 ,

We have now released a new version of Barden 2.37.2 which addresses the issue you were having. You can check your current version of Bardeen in Google Chrome by following the steps in my screenshot below (the version number will appear next to the Bardeen extension):

Here is a quick guide on how to update your version of Bardeen.

I’ve also tested your usecase with this playbook that I created and it works for me

Thanks for your patience and let us know if you need any more help on this :slight_smile: