Looking to hire freelancer for a gig

Very new to this- $50 donation for your help

Want to be able to grab zillow listings from an area on a map and get more than what the current scraper allows. Would like the following fields for all the listings in the designated area of my choice. Want to be able to research different cities on zillow.

Property Address
List Price
days on zillow
rent zestimate
last sold date and price (under price history)
property URL
listed by:

and then pushed to a new google sheet,
that google sheet would have a list of all the properties within the designated area I choose
Example, A google sheet with all the listings in Palo Alto with the above mentioned data on one spreadsheet. and then have the ability to also run the same scrape but with all the listings in San Diego, etc etc


Hey Will

This requires some dedicated effort to build a scraper and setup the automation.

Seems like it’s part of a bigger real estate project?

I do 1:1 automation power hours and custom AI automation agency work.

I might be able to help. Check my rates and opttions here.