Scraper not capturing all pages

Even when I leave the filed of max lines / pages blank + or put a huge number in it, it scrapes only some of the pages.

Whan can I do?

Hi @rodrigosalgadofernan, Welcome to the Bardeen Community :slight_smile:

We’ll need more information to investigate this with you.

Could you please provide the website link, and advise which fields you are looking to scrape from it?

Thank you,

Hello Jess,

Thank you!

Here is the website:

And I’m trying to extract both all “Recent senior management hires” and “Notable company alumni”.


Thank you @rodrigosalgadofernan, it’s unclear to me where the “Recent senior management hires” and “Notable company alumni” fields are on this page.

Could you please provide a screenshot? Thank you!

Perhaps I’d need LinkedIn Premium to see them…

Hello Jess,

You do need linkedin premium to see it! Here it is:

Sorry, I’m not able to assist you further as I don’t have a premium membership.

If you are comfortable sharing your login information with me privately via DM to allow me to investigate further, I would do that. (Change your password after of course).

If not, this is likely a container selector issue, so I recommend to try looking for the correct html selectors on the page and creating two separate list or table scraper templates for each section you are looking to grab.

I hope this helps!

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