Remove Paywall - Your last command returned no results

Description of the issue:

Clicking on the “remove paywall” playbook function no longer works. It has worked until today, I’ve been using Bardeen for maybe 6 months.

Error message:

“Your last command returned no results.”

Please paste the error message below:
Nothing showing in the errors tab, just a pointer with a prohibition symbol when I try to click the tab.

Steps to reproduce this issue:

I opened a newspaper site, found an article I wanted to read, and opened it. I clicked on the Bardeen logo and tried to run the remove paywall playbook. It loaded halfway through the load bar, froze for a minute, then came back with the error message.

I tried similar things – running the remove paywall playbook on the homepage or categories pages of the original sites, as well as trying to run the playbook before the paywall popup loaded. All with the same error results.

I have tried updating Chrome, updating my iOS, uninstalling and reinstalling Bardeen, deleting the playbook and re-adding the playbook, and turning my laptop off and back on. (There is definitely for sure a paywall on the pages I’m trying to access – mostly just newpapers like the Atlantic and the NewYorker etc)

Bardeen version: 2.29.0
Link to Playbook:

Could you please provide the site that you try to run the automation on and it did not work/

I have just ran the automation on NY Times that’s the only site I could think of that has paywall and it worked fine.

Your last command returned no results

Please note that this is not an error, some action do not return a result but rather perform and an action. Both open all links in text actions have been selected to show results but the do not return anything to be shown.

“Your last command returned no results.”

I keep getting this message when running remove paywall. This is happening even on sites that I had previously viewed and was able to remove the paywall from.

Can you share which links you tried this on so we can try to reproduce?

Any details or looms are also awesome :slight_smile:

I keep trying to take a screen recording on my macbook but i cant for the life of me figure out where the screen recordings are saving to or if they’re even being saved?

if you have any advice on that front, id take it. if not i’ll send some more screenshots and links asap when i’m home.

thanks for the response and follow up,

El El lun, sep. 11, 2023 a la(s) 4:25 p.m., Ivan David Escobar via Bardeen Community <> escribió:

Hi @charly.jane.nicholso any follow up info on this?

Otherwise I’ll close the case.

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