Problems with Send http POST request

Trying to get the POST request working to send data to my custom API.

I’m able to get basic json text to be sent, either hard coded as a single string of json text, or setting up columns and hard coding the values.

However, as soon as I switch to using the values from the Scraped data on active tab, the request will still run, but wont send over any text payload in the request.

I am able to submit that scraped data to an excel spreadsheet as part of a different step in the flow.

Any ideas?


While we don’t currently have integrations with Microsoft products (it’s in the pipeline), you can currently output your scraped data to Google Sheets.

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Sorry, I meant that it was working with Google Spreadsheets (I didn’t mean to mention excel)

The real problem is that when the POST call is made, it doesn’t send any payload, even though I’ve specified all the fields, just like I did with google spreadsheets

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Could you please share a link to your playbook?

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I deleted it, started over, and got it to work. I suspect it was a problem with the scraping step not generating any output.

Great to hear Clint !

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