HTTP / JSON issues

Growing frustrated with the number of half-baked solutions in Bardeen.

I am trying to run API requests from bardeen. First off, the documentation and videos for doing HTTP or parsing from JSON are very weak. There is no real explanation to anything, you are left to try figuring this out through constant guesswork. The video and guides, which ive watched many times to try gaining insight, just skim over everything and dont go into any depth regarding setting up headers or handling the output.

This is the current result from my website API, as shown in Postman. Im just doing a pretty basic GET request that returns a JSON table consisting of 2 columns, videoID and videoURL.
Screenshot 2024-02-18 at 1.41.17 PM

I want to do a scrape based on the video URL but I also want to keep the videoID in place for additional steps needed. However, when i go to the next step, I dont really know how to engage this 2-column JSON object, and I cant find documentation or videos on that, either.

I tried adding a step to do a background scrape and i want to loop through the list of videos returned, but the only option i get for the JSON object is “all fields” and i cant simply get the specific URL i need from that row of the results, and this is a pretty basic use case.

Hi @craig.doriot,

Believe this updated playbook will do you the trick to grab both columns (videoID and videoURL) separately throughout additional actions in the automation:

This might not be the best way to do it, but it was what I found to accomplish it for now. It’s difficult for Bardeen to cover all different scenarios across documentation because they are endless. I’m sorry this has been a frustrating experience for you, but I hope this helps!

Thank you,

Thanks Jess,

Im finding that Bardeen is very good at the visual design and the scrape itself, but the workflow of the playbooks is not intuitive and I can never find the right documentation or video to help me better understand the building blocks to know how im supposed to construct it. Appreciate the quick turnaround and hopefully this works!

also, i would think it would be a pretty common use case where you would want to cycle through table rows, instead of having to split off a particular column before cycling through, where you would lose track of the rest of the values in the row. I would think you would want to simply access table.field1 and cycle through the rows. but then use the results in combination with the other elements of the row

Sure thing, give it a whirl and let me know how it goes! I can totally the struggle to understand the actions inside of Bardeen to create a playbook - I typically do a trial/error troubleshooting style.

I agree with this specific action too - it used to be a lot easier to put into a table, but for some reason Bardeen removed the “Get rows of a Table” action. It’s unclear why this was removed, but it was serving the exact use case you’re explaining above.

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Hey Craig

I’ve heard that about the HTTPS - good news is a friend of mine recently made this example tutorial walking though it.

I my fair ammount of experience with Bardeen + Make and offer consulting and automation building services thought my agency.

Feel free to message me on LinkedIn (Ivan E. - Bardeen | LinkedIn) or schedule a discovery here.

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thanks ivan, will definitely check this out. im on a good path now I think, but if i get stuck, I will definitely keep you in mind.

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