POST REQUEST doesnt work

Description of the issue:

I give the POST REQUEST a jason text format through a merge text, it was working and no I dont get any POSTED Information and no error.

Steps to reproduce this issue:

Use my link of automation, currently is using test data

Bardeen version: ____

:information_source: How to check the Bardeen version: right click on your Bardeen extension > Click on Manage Extension > Copy the extension version number.

Link to Playbook or Autobook (if applicable):

Your template is NOT PRACTICAL TO USE probably good for someone here but terrible for us. better make a form to fill.

Hi! I’m sorry you are running into issues with this playbook. I will escalate and provide an update shortly. Thank you for your patience!

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Thanks for you patience. In order for our team to troublshoot, we would need access to you SFDC instance. Are you available to jump on a call so yu can screen share and we can work on it in real time? What times work best for you?

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I think I was able to make it work using a merge text and then the Post request , any plans to simplify this? Webhooks are fairly used now a days

On 5 Mar 2024, at 20:55, Lucy (Support) wrote:

Circling back after discussing with the product team :slight_smile: It looks like there are no plans for supporting custom webhooks for now. Please let us know if we can be of further assistance!

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HTTP requests are clearly offered, as they should be, given their importance to automation. As per the OP, they don’t work. Will you please elaborate on the plan for supporting HTTP requests?

Hi! I’m Hayk, the product manager of Bardeen. Have you encountered any specific errors when trying to send a POST request through Bardeen? As of now, we are not aware of any issues with the POST command, but I’ll gladly jump in and try to help if something isn’t working on your side.

Thank you. I’m unable to complete any GET or POST request, to any endpoint:

We’ve released a new version yesterday that should address some issues with the POST command; can you please double-check if the error still exists on your side? If yes, please create a ticket with support with as much details as possible - I’ll take a look and will try to find out what are the remaining issues.

As always, thanks for letting us know that something isn’t working as intended!

Thanks. Looking good!

Awesome, glad we fixed it! Please do not hesitate to reach out in the future with any issues, questions or suggestions, we’re here to help :raised_hands:

Having the same issue here.
In URL I placed the URL with api_token as instructed by 3rd party.
In the body I entered all values accordingly but receiving errors, any idea how to fix it?

Hi George,

Thanks for reporting this. I will have the team take a look. cc @Hayk @victoria_bardeen


Hi George,

I am testing the feature and it seems to work properly on my end. Please see screenshot below.

What are the errors you are getting? What is the 3rd party you are using? Do they require any specific headers to be sent along?

Thank you,