Pressing the button "Download" of the playbook "Get profiles from the currently opened LinkedIn People search page" in vain

Trying to use e.g. this table.
I’ve installed your extension in the browser Vivaldi, which runs together with Windows on a desktop computer. 18 other extensions are running. I’m not aware that any of them or the browser is preventing such a download.
How would we cooperate so that I can use Bardeen to manage data across programs?
I’m testing some “books”. Whether I want to use data from LinkedIn or from another program, what can you and I do to make it happen?

Hi @Julian.Dumitrascu, Welcome to the Bardeen Community :slight_smile:

I’m not quite sure I’m following, but I hope this helps!

This table is showing no rows for me:

(This might the reason for the “Download” button not working for you.

As for the browser, Bardeen is designed for Google Chrome as the primary browser. It also works with Edge, Brave, Opera too - more details: Tutorial: Browser compatibility of Bardeen |

It might be best to share your use case a Bardeen does integrate with other programs already. We’re happy to assist.

Thank you,

That might be a different topic.
This has not been the only table that displayed all right in the browser, but didn’t download.
How do we find out why Bardeen doesn’t execute this command?

Could you please share your automation and provide details about what you are trying to do? I’m still fuzzy, thanks!

You cannot download a table that is empty because there is no data. It must have at least one record for the download to work:

Hi Julian,

Welcome to the Bardeen community! We have a neat collection of tutorials that you might find helpful.

Alternatively, if you’re still unable to solve your issue, could you share more details on:

  1. What you’re trying to achieve with Bardeen (i.e what data you’re trying to scrape, from where and where should the data be stored)
  2. Any playbooks you’ve already built to get this done

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