Premium scraper stops working - Is it because I am on my 14days of trial?

Description of the issue:

I am trying to use a premium scraper that takes links from a list and get info from inside those links. It work sometimes, which is strange, and especially when I ask to scrape from few voices on the list. Most of the times it gets stuck in the loading and does not proceed. I can see the scraper running in a hidden tab. It just stops working and I have to abort the operation after some time. I am using credits from the free trial period. Could that be the issue? is I start paying for a plan, will it work?

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I run my scraper that is supposed to get links from a list in a dataset, it should open every single page and get all of the info to deliver it to a Gsheet tab.

My first scraper recognises the link and gets the links, the second one gets these links in the background and the last one add rows to gsheets, pretty linear.

The weird thing is that it works some times, it takes some credits and then stops working and eventually tells me that my operation did not bring any result

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Hi Giacomo,

Sorry you’re facing this issue. Your free trial comes with access to your Premium features, so that is unlikely to be the issue.

I’ve raised this bug with our engineering team and will get back to you with a response soon.

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Thank you very much, tell me if I can provide further details.
In case this issue will be fixed, I will be happy to purchase bardeen for me and my team.

For instance, I am also trying to trouble-shoot in order to fix this issue. Same thing happens for another bot I tried where, instead of automatically taking the links from a list online, I feed the scraper with links to scrape manually. I think that the issue then regards the mid-scraping in the background. I tried to give different delay spans but the loading bar always stops around 1/3 and I can see the bot getting stuck on one of the pages I was asking them to scrape in the application bar (not always on the same page, depends, sometimes the first one, other times some further . Like I said before, when I ask to convert 2/3, it works. Not always though.
Here some screenshots:
the first one shows the bar stuck and the arrow pointing at the chrome app where a black window is loading infinitelly.
the second is a sign that appears. Even though I am still on my 14-days trial. Today is my last day. I will get a month and hope to see this issue fixed somehow :slightly_smiling_face:

Also allow me to share the playbook I am having issues with:

This is a Loom of what happens:

Hope you can access it. You will see that I run the scraper and it works for some time. After some, it stops. And I can wait a long time but it does not proceed. At the end I write on the destination sheet and explain that the info inside the sheet were taken from the scraper. So it works ! Simply not most of the time, and not for more than 2/3 scrapes.
Sorry for all of the scattered info. Hope it makes all sense

Hi Giacomo,

Thanks so much for providing all that information. It really helps us with troubleshooting issues and to get to a resolution faster.

I downloaded your playbook but recreated the scraping template to make sure the pagination (clicking to go to the next page) was set up correctly. I’m not sure if you had set this up and that’s why you weren’t getting more results but I have created a new scraper template for you in this playbook and that has enabled me to pull out 100 results. Let me know if you hadn’t set up pagination and want to know more about it ( I can create a quick video)

Playbook : Shared Playbook Template

Here are some other troubleshooting steps that would help the playbook work better for you:

  1. Depending on your internet connection and computer speed, I would look to add a longer custom delay if you find that only a few pages are scraping. I changed the custom delay to 5 seconds just so the site that opens in the background has time to load

  2. We have now released a new version of Barden (2.37.2) which addresses the issue an issue with background scraping in the previous version. You can check your current version of Bardeen in Google Chrome by following the steps in my screenshot below (the version number will appear next to the Bardeen extension) as you might still be on the old one:

Here is a quick guide on how to update your version of Bardeen: How to Update Bardeen

I hope these steps work for you :slightly_smiling_face:

Thanks Vinohar, all of your help has been really appreciated. I will run you playbook and try bardeen latest version and come back to you just in case I will still need your assistance.
Your customer service is excelent.

Hope that everything will run smoothly now. :slight_smile:

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