A LOT OF BUGS to solve

Hey guys I don’t know what is happening but Bardeen is working always worse…

  1. The builder is a lot slower then a couple of week ago…A LOT.
  2. A scraper stop working without any reason (the target website didn’t change a comma… simply I have as return

“Scraper returned no results. Scraper hasn’t returned any data. Make sure that you are using the correct scraper template on a web page with data.” Immediately…

  1. Another scraper stop keeping the link of images, without any reason
  2. Its now impossible to stop a playbook once started…

Can someone help me? I waited till yesterday to can have a solution with the tuesday update but every time that you adjust something other things stop working and is very stressful

Hi @affittibrevisenzapen

I’m sorry you’re running into these issues.

We’ll reach out directly so we can help you out on the call and make a deeper dive on the problems.

Before that, could you help sharing more details on


Can you share more details?

  • Which scraper is it? Do you have the automation link? Any way we can try to reproduce? Version of Bardeen?

That souunds pretty bad and we want to investigate further.

We’re soon to update the entire interface of Bardeen, we might be able to show it to you before time.

Here’s a solution in the meantime!

A quick video to show you how there is a problem importing the link of images to Google sheet (Was my error say that the scraper stopped keeping the link, it keep it but don’t put it in the google sheet even if it is setted up exactly as when he worked)

Let me know when we can schedule a call.
I sincerly think that we should have testers accounts and no Pro subscription accounts if we have to facing and manage issues all the time.

While Bardeen is working on fixing the stopping of running tasks what I usually do is turn the extension off and on again

Could you please share a link to both the books, Scraper only and Full automation so we can check if there is any difference or not.
And also create a backup of your google sheet (if you are worried of loosing your data) and share the sheet that is connected to the automation with edit rights so we can test the Book without making any changes.

@ivan Can we book a call? Now that I’ve re-make from zero and substitute all scraper templates in my workflows works quite fine except that I’m unable to turn on some autobooks because of this alert:

I’ll connect you with the team!

Yet, once again, please share the autobook links and errors. Unfortunately, only the screenshots don’t provide enough information.

The “your last command returned no result” is not an error, the automation just didn’t get any results.

You can troubleshoot by checking the “show results” from the actions on the automation.

Hi @ivan , still no contact with the team.
If I de-activate the timer automation playbooks works but once I try to automate the execution with the timer they don’t work.

Hope to can do asap a call with someone that help me to make the system works thanks

Hi @affittibrevisenzapen, we’ve reached out. We’ll check this case directly.

Closing this in the meantime.

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