Possible to get a single Airtable record?

I see it’s possible to get all values from an Airtable table, but it looks like it’s not possible to then take those values and identify a single record. Please let me know if that’s wrong!

Is there another way to get a single Airtable record?

Use case:

  • Currently have an Airtable with two tables: Companies and Investors
  • We have a Bardeen scraper that is just 2 steps: 1) scrapes a list of all the companies one investor invested in → 2) creates a new Airtable record for each in Companies
  • Each Company has at least 1 Investor record linked to it (who invested in said company). But…

Today, we have to manually link the Investor to each Company after running the scraper.

Instead, we’d like to have Bardeen do this linking.

Ideally this would be a third step (between steps 1 and 2), so the flow would be:

  1. Scrape list of companies
  2. (NEW) Get Airtable Investor record (match by name search — the name is available on the page in step 1 so it can be programattically fed into Bardeen, nothing manual required)
  3. Add companies to Airtable + (NEW) link the Investor record from step 2 to each company as it loops through

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