Need help with LinkedIn Scrapping

Hi guys,

I have a long list of company names that I need to scrape their LinkedIn link into the Airtable. I’m new with Bardeen and I the only way I know is to create playbook one by one.

I’m wondering if I can give Bardeen a long list of name (around 450) and Bardeen will help me to collect all of the LinkedIn link automatically. If any of you know how to do it, please let me know! I will really appreciate it

Thank you

Hi Junanto,

Welcome to the community !

That is definitely possible. I’ve create a playbook for you (link below) that accesses a google sheet with company names, searches Linkedin for companies with that name and takes the top result. In my playbook, I haven’t included the airtable element but you can just edit my playbook and add it in so you can map it to the correct database

In your google sheet with the input data, I would have the company in Column A as below

Also, I’ve added it in but just wanted to make note of the custom delay I’ve added in that gives pages time to load before scraping but also makes your scraping seem a little more human like so you don’t get flagged for scraping.

Playbook :

Let me know if you have any further questions and happy automating !

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