How to get LinkedIn company URL from website

Question from Niels Geominy from Slack.

I’d like to use this LinkedIn company profile data scraper, but I am in need of a step have a list of websites and I want to check the homepages of these websites for any notices of, if it finds one, it should be added to a list and on that list I want to use the get LinkedIn company data playbook. Anyone ever done this or knows how to get this done? All tips are highly appreciated!

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To achieve that you need to get the page as html, convert html to text and than find links matching the pattern you want, from there you can add links to your desired database

Nice! I got a quick testing playbook, could I loop through an array of websites based on all links it can find in airtable instead of just having one link in there?

Yes, use Get table in Airtable, I would advice to write the linkedin profiles and website link to a different table, as some websites might have multiple links, the website url will help you connect them to the original record.

Thank you. So I get the table in airtable, then use “open all links” or what could I use to loop through this? I have like a 1000 pages, so opening them all at once would not work.

Select the URL column as a source inside the Get page as HTML action, If not all records have URLs use Find all links in text

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