Is it possible to scrape a view only Airtable?

Again, as a newbie may just be missing something. I believe I’ve set up the scraper properly to capture all the needed data and label everything on a view-only Airtable (via share link). However, it doesn’t scrape the data on the page correctly.

Hi @scott.markovits, I’m unfamiliar with Airtable, but will do my best to assist you.

Would you mind sharing the automation and view-only link to Airtable?

Thank you,

Thanks, Jess.

Here’s the playbook (Shared Playbook Template)
Here’s the Airtable link (Airtable - Public_Grid view).

Hey @Jess. Any updates on this one?

I appreciate the help!

Hey @scott.markovits, thank you for following up. I had to reach out to Bardeen to confirm the below:

Unfortunately, it’s not possible at the moment to scrape public Airtable links.

As I haven’t found another post in the community on this, I’ve turned it into an idea to have Bardeen consider for implementation in the future.

Thanks, @Jess for the update.

Have a wonderful week!