Gig: Scrape data from public directory to Airtable


Looking for assistance with a student research project using Bardeen and Airtable.

The online directory I want to capture data from has pagination and also click-through links for each member to access more details that I also need scraping.

Hope someone is interested and able to assist. We can scope things further and discuss fees/budget when we are in direct contact.

Much thanks

Hi Mark, Welcome to the Bardeen Community :slight_smile:

I’d be happy to help take a look into this use case for you. As I understand at a high level, you’d like to use Bardeen to scrape data from a website directory with details from each link into an Airtable database.

This discourse no longer enables the direct message feature so I’ll leave it up to you where you’d prefer to discuss further details. I’m open!

Thank you,

Thanks very much @Jess
If you’d like to email me on: bardeen-mark at altmails dot com
We can pick things up directly.

Great @19007278! I’ve reached out to via email. Thank you!

Thanks @Jess I’ve not received your email … please do try re-sending to bardeen-mark before the @

Thank you - just sent to :slight_smile:

Thanks @Jess
Received and replied to :slight_smile:

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@Jess has now completed the work I requested, did an excellent job and very efficiently too. I highly recommend contacting @Jess for any projects that you have. Thanks again @Jess

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Thank you Mark! Appreciate the kind words!

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