Paul Harris - Retired - Participating in Fulfillment of Navigation Database Orders for Ferried Aircraft

Hi, everyone! My name is Paul Harris. I am a retired airline pilot and print shop owner. I currently work in fulfilling orders for navigation databases to support aircraft movements outside of scheduled airline operations. I have developed my own process using Notion, Tally Forms, and Gmail to get the job done. Now I am looking for possible ways to automate some of my process steps to save time as our volume of business is increasing.

I see tremendous power and potential in Bardeen to that end. However, at this introductory stage it all looks like Greek to me! Perhaps I could get some help with my first effort, then I may be able to figure out the rest on my own.

I collect sale order information on a Tally Form that is Integrated to my Notion Database. When the information comes in it creates an Unnamed Page in my Database. On creation of this page I would like to create a Name for the Page from some [DateTime] function followed by the Text in two of the Text fields on the submitted Form. Example:

 2023-10-12 +" "+[Aircraft Registration]+"MSN-"[MSN]

Then I want to Update the Page Name with this Text Value

Can this be done? Where to start? I have the Trigger, it’s the Action where I get lost :no_mouth:

Hi @pharris, Welcome to the Bardeen Community :slight_smile:

Thank you for sharing your background. Awesome use case and it sounds like you’ve got your process down well - just looking to improve efficiency even further, always fun!

This use case is possible with Bardeen, but at the moment there is a bug with the “When a Notion page is created” causing it not to trigger unfortunately.
The bug has been reported here to follow updates: When Notion Page is Created Never Works

The actions needed to accomplish your use case are:

  1. When Notion page is created
  2. Get Current Time
  3. Merge Text
  4. Update Notion Page

Looking ultimately something like this:


You sure DO know your way around Bardeen. That was a really fast and thoughtful response. During the downtime with the Trigger I’ll see if I can get that built into my own Autobook.

Thank you, eversomuch.

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Happy to help @pharris!

Here’s more about me if you care to take a gander: 🪄 Ambassador: Jess Van Wyhe | Personal Productivity

Feel free to reach out again in the future with any inquiries you come across :slight_smile:

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Awesome help here Jess!

If it was useful, consider buying her a coffee for her help :slight_smile:

Awesome to have you join @pharris !

Seems like you have quite a history :smiley:

Would be great if you want to share your story at :raising_hand_man: Introduce Yourself

And if you want to share your use-case, :star_struck: Showcase is the place :smiley:

I will be happy to buy Jess a coffee or more when I have a chance to test the module she put together for me. I’m not sure I want to move forward with an app that has had a failed trigger reported to engineering over a month ago with no progress in site…

Can you share more details on this?

If we missed to follow up on an issue, we’re truly sorry, let us know we’ll bring prompt response :slight_smile:

@ivan - Pharris is talking about this bug: When Notion Page is Created Never Works

It looks like Artem just responded with an update yesterday though - still in progress

Actually, a response from a founder gave a good explanation for what is going on.,When%20Notion%20Page%20is%20Created%20Never%20Works,-It%20looks%20like

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I’m glad that helped clear things :slight_smile:

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