On Brave browser the extension is not working

I just installed the extension on Brave and configured/imported a template which is working on my friends machine. But as soon as I close the extension, the automation stops. And nothing happens.

Screen recording

Hi there, Bardeen runs best on Chrome - could you please try the automation there?

@Jess I am having the exact same issue as @vickygor44 showed in their screen recording with my autobooks and I run the Bardeen extension on Chrome, not Brave. My autobooks worked fine until last night. The autobooks do not run anymore or if I manually trigger them. The green sliders get automatically turned off just like @vickygor44 . However, the playbook worked if I manually triggered it on another computer just like vickygor44 tried on their friend’s machine

Thank you for the info, I’ve switched this to a bug so the Bardeen team can look into it for you.

The only other thing I would try as a user is reinstalling the extension to ensure you’re on the latest version. I hope this helps!

I also have problems with the bardeen plugin for brave. The brave browser got an update a few days ago, i guess it doesn’t work properly since then.
For me running an autobook just deactivates it without running it.
I’m on Brave Version 1.57.53 Chromium: 116.0.5845.114 (Offizieller Build) (arm64)
same problem on Chromium Version 117.0.5928.0 (Entwickler-Build) (arm64)

I have the exact same issue on Brave and Arc browsers. Seems this issue could be related to Chromium based browsers?

The new update fixed all issues for me :+1:
So Version 2.30.0 seems to fix this issue.

Hey folks, sorry to hear this issue.

I understand updating to the latest version can solve it?

Here’s how you can update:

Updating bardeen

Thanks @Bardeter Barde(en)ter!

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