Offering HR Automation Consultant services

Hi, everyone,

My name is Juan Escobar, I’m a technical recruiter/automation and No-code developer with over year and a half of experience on creating automations here in Bardeen. If you need any sort of help surrounding AI/automations in your Operations teams, feel free to reach out to

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Awesome @juan.escobar welcome back ! :jammies:

Do you offer consulting / freelance services?

Juan has been a user for a long while, expert on HR and recruitment workflows. Would totally recommend!

Another great place to introduce yourself is on this thread:

Hi, Ivan,

I offer both services, I’ve loved Bardeen and think I might’ve gotten pretty good at it.



Hi Juan, :man_mage:
My name is Sarrah, I’m new here today, just reading as much as I can saw this thread. I’d like to become a wizard too for talent acquisition/tech recruiter + automation. I’ve watched numerous Bardeen videos and ready to go, but I know I learn better with a 1:1 tutor wizard. I will reach out.
Sarrah West :woman_technologist: