🙋‍♂️ Introduce Yourself!

Say hi and let the community know where you’re from, what you do, and anything else fun you’d like to share. :blush: :cat_jam:

Hey everyone, I’m Ivan Escobar or @anomadbuilder on Twitter, I lead Bardeen’s Community and Support, among other things :smile: , and I’m the admin of this wonderful new space.

I’m from Bogotá, Colombia :colombia: :city_sunrise:.

Fun fact: I started in Bardeen as a pro user, then happened to reach out and got hired :smiley:

When I’m not working on the Bardeen community you can find me traveling as a digital nomad, going to networking events, trying some new sport :surfing_man: :kite: :running_man: :ice_hockey: :person_in_lotus_position:, grabbing a coffee or exploring some cool AI/No-code tools.

You can ask me pretty much anything on Bardeen or the forum! :you_got_it_ivan_sticker:

Yet, let’s try to use this this awesome space we’ve setup to help each other :smiley:

Always open to connect to our member!: LinkedIn


Hey all!

My name is Julia, and I’m startup operator at Heep, a platform for the world’s most curated talent! Our mission is to bring independent work to everyone so if you’re interested in monetising your skills, I’d be excited to help you get started!

I’ve been a passionate Bardeen user for a while now and experimented with automating some stuff using the tool. It’s been amazing to see how the community grow and evolve! :sparkles:

I’m originally from Ukraine while currently living in France. I enjoy taking long walks, reading literary fiction, and philosophy books.

Happy to make new friends here! So feel free to connect with me on Linkedin, follow on Twitter, or find me on Threads :v:


Hi All! :slight_smile:

I’m Pascal, one of the co-founders and the CEO of Bardeen - we’re here to help you automate your repetitive work and get rid of all these annoying and draining tasks we all know very well.
We started bardeen about 3 years ago to solve this problem for ourselves and I’m so happy and grateful for all your support and feedback! :slight_smile:

Let me know if there’s anything I can help with directly! :slight_smile:


Hello everyone,

I’m Mike (Mikayel), a Software Engineer at Bardeen. My primary focus is building and supporting integrations. I’m here to ensure seamless connectivity and enhance your experience with Bardeen’s integrations. If you have any questions or need assistance, feel free to reach out.


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Hey everyone,

I joined the community from the beginning but I forgot to intro. I’m Giovanni and I’m a software engineer at Bardeen. My main role is around AI features, but I have passing familiarity with almost all parts of the product, and I know well the execution parts of Bardeen playbooks.
Personally, I’m interested in researching AI to make playbooks easier to build. We call it “no code”, but we know it’s code underneath, and it’s a challenge to hide programming concepts so people don’t have to learn them.
So if you need any help, especially around Bardeen data mainpulation actions, or dealing with conditionals, or playbooks that suddenly output 10,000 rows instead of 10, I’m happy to assist.

I’m also on socials at @gcampax@mastodon.social or Twitter same handle.

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Hey everybody!

My name is Nick and I’m formerly of Zapier (I worked in the Community). I was part of recent layoffs and I’m checking out the automation landscape to see what’s out there. I was familiar with Bardeen, but a tweet is what led me to the website recently. I thought the workflow was really cool, combining scraping with automation :slight_smile:

Then I saw that this Discourse community is pretty new, and figured I’d poke in to see what’s happening!


Hey people!

I´m Ola Fristedt. I´m a tech geek running my business to help people with automations besides my day to day job as a cyber security specialist. I´ve been using Bardeen since the beginning. Finding a few bugs and have seen how it has become a rock solid product!
I use Bardeen mostly for scraping info to use in my different projects. Besides Bardeen I use several other no- code products together to build a real powerhouse!

The projects I´m working on for myself right now is a niched price comparison and a cyber security tool (Where Bardeen helps feeding info on newly released exploits from different dark sources and compare to the attack surfaces analyzed)

Ask me if there is anything I can help with. No-code is awesome and even if I can do some programming, I won´t if it can be done with no-code.

See you around!


Hey there,
I’m Matthias, also working as a Software Engineer at Bardeen. I joined end of 2020 and have since worked mostly on things server side, but also touched a good deal in the browser extension. My overall focus is making automations run in the cloud, and making both infrastructure and (browser-) client stable, maintainable, and debuggable.

Feel free to reach out, and have a great time here :slight_smile:

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Hi everyone,

I’m Vilane G Sales, based in Venice, Italy, and I’m an academic who is currently exploring the use of Bardeen in my research. I’m delighted to be part of this community and I look forward to sharing ideas and learning from all of you. :slight_smile:

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Hello Everyone! :tada:

I am Ioannis, the founding Engineer of Bardeen! :man_bowing: Joined back in 2020 and I am the one who designed all the technical intricacies and built almost all components of Bardeen :muscle:

Now that we have an amazing team that is taking care of each one of these components, I am supervising that everything works well together while at the same time, we hide the technical implementation complexities behind the best possible user experience! :star_struck:

Feel free to reach out if something feels convoluted, if you are missing some functionality, or if you have an idea of how some tasks can be simplified! My schedule is usually quite packed by I will always try to free some time to answer any of your questions :heart_hands:

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Im max, new to automation. cybersecurity analyst

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Hi all, morning!
My name is Federico Morales. Nowadays I work in Anyone AI, a company that train ML Engineers and AI devs. I’m in charge of automations, technology and databases.
I love helping people (students & co-workers) by avoiding repetitive tasks, also creating dashboards and work spaces. Big fan of processes and indicators!
My [Twitter](https://twitter.com/fedemoralesR) and my LinkedIn are here to connect, I´ll we happy to share with you new ways to automate things with Bardeen

Have a nice day :star_struck:

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Hi all! :wave:
I am a no-code and process automation consultant. I work with a lot of tools (AirTable, SmartSuite, Zapier, etc.) and am quickly learning the Bardeen platform (and loving it!).


Look forward to collaborating!

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Greetings everyone,

My name is William Fayette and I am currently utilizing the Bardeen Dream Job template to search for my ideal job. I am a California native with Spanish-Filipino heritage, and my family resides in Spain.

In my spare time, I enjoy creating music, exploring AI, practicing no-code programming, hiking, and engaging in Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu and yoga. I have a strong interest in learning more about AI and automation, specifically Bardeen, and how I can apply it to finding my dream job.

Additionally, I produce a podcast with my partner called “Walking Dharma” which you can find at ‎Walking Dharma on Apple Podcasts. I am also proud to hold certifications in Sound Engineering, Software Engineering, and am a Certified Technology Specialist (CTS).

I would love to connect with others on LinkedIn. Thank you for taking the time to read my message.

Welcome William! :raised_hands:

Love to hear this and the unique AI + Automation approach you’re giving into finding a job!

As a yoga, hiking and no-code geek here, love to see likeminded folks join us!

Hi, I’m Karl and run a consultancy business in Dubai called ReachIQ(https://reachiq.net/). Although as I’m from the UK, I spend time on UK projects too. I was CEO for 20 years of a telecoms company and sold out in 2020.

I have since been on a journey or re-discovery ever since! So, I thought I would be a consultant! I am working with a new health and wellness drink from the US, a new dynamic 2D barcode and an extreme obstacle event company. An eclectic mix!
I have gone all-in on AI and automations and absolutely love it! Came across Bardeen and really interested in seeing how it can help my clients.

I have also managed to write 3 books on Blockchain, NFT’s and politics!
Always looking to work with new and exciting projects!

Working on my first automation today with Bardeen!

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Love the story and energy!

Bardeen is the place for AI + Automation.

Glad to have you join the community!

Feel free to share your automation projects on :star_struck: Showcase :smile:

Hi Ivan. Hoping you are well. This is MHB, from Pakistan. I am a marketing manger at an AI Digital Transformation agency. I am here to explore Bardeen and make new friends in the social media marketing domain. Looking forward to connect. Thanks

Hi, I’m Lee. Just following the rules so I can get support and avoid being scolded for asking questions as that seems to be the irony of the forum universe. My goal is to spend as little time here as possible and instead spend my time using the application as a paying customer.

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