Bardeen experts board on Heep - Monetize your skills in Bardeen or hire an expert for your project! 👨‍💻

Hey all!

My name is Julia and I’m working on Heep where we’re building a platform for the world’s most curated talent.

We partnered with Bardeen a while back to allow even more members of this awesome community to monetize their skills in AI automation as well as help others master and use this tool for a variety of cases.

So I’m super excited to share with you an official board with Bardeen experts! :tada:

If you’d love to monetize your expertise in Bardeen, you’re welcome to create your profile and join as a freelancer! Or please if you need help with any automation-related project, feel free to contact experts on the board below with your request :slight_smile:

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Hey Julia :wave:, welcome to the Bardeen community! We’re thrilled to have you here!

Our partnership with Heep has been incredible, bringing amazing gigs for freelancers and pro users.

We’re really excited about the changes Heep is bringing to the table.

If you’re looking to monetize your expertise in Bardeen, don’t hesitate to create your profile and join as a freelancer.

Reach me out so we can network and review your profile!

And if you need any help with automation-related projects, feel free to reach out to the experts on the board.

Thanks for sharing this exciting news with us!

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