New user - need help filling in custom Salesforce fields with the template "Create a Salesforce contact from a LinkedIn Profile"

Hi, new user here - I’m looking to optimise the template “Create a Salesforce contact from a LinkedIn Profile”. The template fills in these fields: title, first/last name, email (placeholder), and the account is filled in no problem. However, there are several fields specific to my company’s Salesforce I’d like to be able to tag automatically as well. Some are tick box fields, some are date fields, one of them is the contact’s LinkedIn URL (which remains blank in this iteration of the template). Anyone got any ideas? Thanks in advance!

Hi Joe,

Unfortunately, that is a limitation of the Salesforce integration at the moment. I’ve shared this idea with our product team to look into building into the product. I’m sorry that for now we don’t have a solution for you.

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