My playbooks get lost when navigating

I am Trying to automate some Twitter scraping, i have created a playbook that scrapes my tweet and exports to a Gsheet.
The automation runs well, but once i change pages and go to run it again my playbook dash is empty, and my playbooks are gone. I can run the playbook again but i have to go through the history tab.

Is this a bug or am i missing a trick

Hey Jack,

Have you tried to re log into Bardeen or reinstall the extension?

Hi Jack, welcome to the community!

Sorry you’re getting this issue.

This seem more like a :lady_beetle: Report an issue.

We need an visual input to understand how this looks like, could you share a gif or loom on how this issue looks like?

Also, if you can share:

  • Your version of Bardeen
  • If you have any errors:
    Share the error

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