Lost. Can't enrich data from GNC

I have looked over the initial tutorial and tried to apply them.

After purchasing the subscription and it looks like certain things have changed. I have just been having a real hard time Enriching the data. I am using the products from gnc.com.

I’m just trying to get product details into an excel Spreadsheet to cleanse and then into a database. Some help would be greatly appreciated. I have the initial part with grabbing the product brand into the initial spreadsheet.

Hi @ssmaloha, your use-case seems very possible.

Please check this tutorial on how to enrich data with the scraper:

If that doesn’t work, please share.

  1. Some pages from GNC (it’s not https://www.gnc.com/) you’d like to enrich - so we can try try it.

  2. The automation link you’ve built, so we can review it

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