Is it possible to like and follow a list of profiles I have on Instagram?

Hey friends
I exported a list of profiles on Instagram and I want to automatically enter each profile - to like his last post (or any of his posts) and also give him a follower.
Is this possible through Bardeen?

Hi there,

I think what you are trying to achieve can be done with the “deep scraping” approach. As the first step of scraping, use your list of profiles and as the second step you can use “Scrape in the background” connected to profile link of every profile from step 1. The second scraper should be configured for a profile link and can click"Like" and “Follow” buttons on a profile.

Tutorial to deep scraping:

Hope this helps!

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wow awsome thanks!
so what is actually the flow?
can you show me an example?
thanks again for your time!