Input not working in Loom Editing Automation

Hello there guys, I’m trying to create a Loom Editing Automation that automatically helps me edit some Loom videos

I started to create the scraper but cannot add any input
Here’s the video showcasing how I’m building the scraper

Also added the image where I got stuck.

Let me know if this could be solved because I’d love that!

Hi @riccardo, This input feature just came out in version 2.32.0.

Please make sure you are on that version(or later) and it actually behaves differently than how your loom video shows. Just select “Input” and hit Get Data. Then you’ll actually paste the link inside of the Bardeen action of the scraper. It should look something like this:

To paste a different URL each time, I would use “Ask me every time” as your input.

I hope this helps!
Thank you,

Thanks for the response!

I updated the software and tried again but still no luck (I don’t need to insert a dynamic link but a manual one)

I cannot add any information in the input field.

I tried with other input fields inside the loom interface and had no problem

Could it be a problem related to selecting the right input ?

More than likely it’s a selector problem. Let me see if I can find it on my end.

I thought that could be the case but I was unable to modify the selector (or maybe I don’t know how to modify them)

Let me know

Well spotted Jess!

Indeed that’s our new feauture for dynamic inputs.

Just to be sure, @riccardo so you can see this:

But it doesn’t input the link?

If that’s the case, then the scraper might not be recognizing the input field.

We might be able to refine that selector

I tried using that input but the problem is that I need to do multiple actions after the input.
Here’s the workflow:

  • Open the Loom URL
  • Click on Edit
  • Click on ‘Add Clip’
  • Search for a specific Loom Clip
  • Click on the clip
  • Save the clip
  • Click on Add Link
  • Add input to “Button Link (URL)” - always the same
  • Add input to Button Text - always the same
  • Click on save

I tried doing the automation without the editing part (only with the add link part) and it was working correctly but occasionally had some issues.

Here’s the video of what’s happening:

EDIT: The main problem that I’ve found right now is the click after the URL of the clip has been inputted, that doesn’t work

Try adding a delay before the click on save.

Okay, now it’s kinda working but has some flaws.

The process right now should be to re-open the scraper and re-test the process right ??

Should I separate the 2 actions?
The editing and adding the link in 2 different scrapers?

Is it now working after adding the delay?

Yes, that’s the process for testing.

You shouldn’t need two separate actions or two separate scraper templates.

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