How to get the link for each profile

Hello guys, i have been working ti get the link for each profile on the KW website and i could not find it.

can someone help me if there is a way?
List website Keller Williams

Hi @emmanuelsanchez20 , unfortunately, I believe this exact use case is a current limitation of Bardeen as the website is using jquery to call the links for each profile card instead of within the html.

With list scrapers at this time, the “Click” action does not loop through all of the profile cards so we wouldn’t be able to tell it to click and then grab the page link and then go back to the previous page.

However, Bardeen is currently working on implementing a web agent that will be able to accomplish this use case easily. I hope this helps!

I should also mention from my perspective - For this specific use case, I’m not seeing an easy way to build the URLs ourselves to scrape from within Google Sheets using a formula.
Aaron Aad - Profile Link Structure:

I can’t find UPA-6587385417814085640-0 in the html of the original page so we cannot list scrape it from here:

However, it does look like both pages have the Name (Aaron Aad), and the LICENSE # (692211). I would also scrape the Market Center (KELLER WILLIAMS MEMORIAL).

If we scrapped the full list of Name, LICENSE #, and Market Center from the original page, added to GSheets, and created a formula to build the URL off of a search on Google where the profile url being the very first result. We could then scrape from those Google URLs, creating a deep scraper single page template to scrape the very first result of the search to get the profile URL from Keller Williams for all agents.

I was able to return Aaron Aad’s profile link as the top google search result with the following input:

Keller Williams Agent 692211 Keller Williams memorial

Here’s the Google Search URL for the input:

This video at 23:37 will help show you how to build the URL inside of Google Sheets using some formulas =Encode and =Concatenate.

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