How to get separate profile data in

Im new so bare with me.
I am trying to scrap data from company profiles on
I have an account with them. I can scrape the data from an individual profile, but how do i set it up to look at the active search page and click on each profile grab the information and put it into a google sheet and move on to the next profile.

1 - scraper can pull all the search information.
1 - scraper can pull the acutally profile information if its the active page.

I tried combining them, and that didnt work.
Any help would be appreciated.

Hello there,

In order to perform scraping like you describe, you’ll need to refer to a deep scraping. This means 2 scrape actions are necessary, one is scraping the search list (must include links to second level) and the second scraper is loading every item and scraping information from there:

Here is the playbook I created for you:

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