Alibaba deep scraping

Hi, I just met Bardeen AI and I’m trying to use it to build a customer database
But my customer is in Alibaba, and I can’t grab the link out of the page on the customer list page to grab more detailed information.
Or maybe I didn’t realize my other problems were causing the situation.
I attach the Llist page and my Automation page

I did 15 grabbers that looked like they were moving but the data wasn’t right.Interval of 8 seconds.


Hi @eco.artman196 ,

In order to scrape customer details correctly, please follow the next instructions:

  1. Use “Scrape on active tab” as first action and configure it as a list scraper getting only emails and links of customer profiles:

  1. Use “Scrape in the background” to pull detailed information from every customer profile. This scraper should load links from step 1:

  2. Export the results to a google sheet.

Here is our complete guide: Tutorial: How to use Bardeen scraper |

In case of any difficulties, please reply to us here.

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Hi Victoria
What’s your mail?

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Hi Roy,

Victoria responded to your community post with detailed instructions so I will merge this request with that one.


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