Help with synchronized in the Google sheets

Good afternoon!
I need your help. I don’t understand how make a lot of links which are synchronized in the table later, for example OZON
I need to highlight multiple links during syncing, but the app only allows 1 link. How can I host multiple products?
I gave an example in the photos
The first photo shows how it is created by me, the second photo shows how it should be

I’m looking forward to your reply to the letter!

Hi @fonsofa2802, welcome to the Bardeen Community :smiley:

I think what you are looking for is creating a “list or table” scraper, you are currently using a single page scraper it appears. Bardeen allows you to choose this option when creating a scraper template.

I hope this helps!
Thank you,

Thanks Jess ! Absolutely correct :slight_smile:

@fonsofa2802 , here’s a quick video showing you how to get to the list or table scraper option.

Check out our tutorial on building custom scrapers which show you how to create it for a list of items.

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