How do I use 2 deep scrapers in 1 playbook?

I want to scrape a website that has link to another page. I don’t want to use the “click” function. How do I use 2 “Scrape in the Background” actions?

Right now, I get multiple tables. I want to combine all of the data into 1 big CSV.

Please help

Hi @mmeganngarciaa,

Did you try Merge columns from two tables action? Alternatively, you can add all columns to a google sheet and convert the sheet into a csv.

Please let me know if this works.


PS If you describe your use case in a greater detail we might be able to help you better. In particular, it might be that the deep scraper (Tutorial: How to use Bardeen scraper |, where one first scrapes a list of links and then feeds the entire list to a (single) background scraping action, is a better solution.

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How do I do that?
I always get this.

I want to create one CSV with everything.

@Artem_from_Bardeen please help

I am happy to help. Is the website you are trying to scrape publicly accessible? If so, can you please share it and describe what are you trying to scrape? Also, I suggest to take a look at our Deep Scraping tutorial here

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Thank you for the video!

I watched all of it and learned few tricks, but in the video he uses an active tab scraper. and then a background scraper.

I can only use 2 background scrapers for this website.

Hi Megan,

Stepping in for Artem. Is it possible to share with us the website you are trying to scrape? What data are you hoping to extract? Also, curious why you would prefer to use 2 background scraping actions?


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