Help: Update relevant cell when the website changes

Hi, I have a sheet with column titled ‘product price’,‘product name’, ‘updated price’. I want Bardeen to update the updated price cell for the relevant product/row when its price changes. How do I do it?

Hi Yihua,

Here’s our guide on setting up a playbook that monitors when a website’s data changes

You’ll need to start the playbook with the ‘When a website data changes’ action and then add a update google sheet rows action after that.

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Thank you. Is there a way to add the updated info to a new column and not a new row?

i have a list of 100 products(row) and column B is base price(what i scraped from the website in Month 1). If the price of product #5 changed, is there a way to update the relevant column (eg column C-new price) for this speicifc product! @vin_bardeen

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