Getting the elements of the array after a slice action

I use OpenAI to give me answers to 5 questions (and separated by a separator) and then use the slice action to separate them. I end up with an array of 5 items. I then have to use Get Element of Array 5 times.

Perhaps there is an easier way to do this? Perhaps in the add to google sheets action, I can just select the slice action and add the index there?

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Hi @Bob ,

I was checking the options to optimize it for you, but it looks like there’s no. Technically you can make it more clear by using OpenAI module 5 times (one for each question), but that would cost you more in terms of records.

I will deliver your concern to the team and see if a new feature is something they can consider.

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thanks and not really an issue. Just difficult to identify the right action when assigning the action to the Google Sheet rows :stuck_out_tongue:
Thanks for the help.