How to run the scraper over a list of links one by one?

Is it possible to scrape the links from google sheet one by one? I mean, one first link is scrapped, scrapped data is saved, and only than next link is scrapped?

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Hi Nasbel

What’s the use-case for this?

We have a “get table from google sheets” but it doesn’t work one by one.

There’s a way you can do it with our “get rows of a table” action. You set it up to “ask me every time” on which row to scrape.

So when you run it you can specify to get the first row. Then run over the second, etc…

You can also use

A way you can approach this is by scraping in chunks of 1 (or even more)

Or even better, you can use the “Get slice of array” action to get the specific links from the link column. You’d need to specify the slice from start to end.

Ex: getting the first row to the 15th row.

How to get a slice of rows from google sheets

Thank you for answering and hints.
The thing is that I have a huge amount of links to scrape.
And I do not want to loose whole data if something happens during scraping.

Yeah in that case the best solution is the second one, where you can pick a bunch of selected urls to scrape

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I see. Thank you ! Will go this way than.

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