Loop though Ghseet Row with Delay

I have list of link in google sheet, I want to open each link one by one and click on download button. The issue is that it open all the link very quickly, I want to open 1 link every 5-minutes. How to do this?

Hi Techtuts,

What action are you using to open each link ? If you’re using the Scrape in background action, you can use the custom delay to field to add a delay to it. Alternatively, in your scraper template you can also add a delay.


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I am not using scrape in background and don’t want to use that premium action at all.

I have a gsheet with 200 links. I want to open them one by one scrape the video url from each link opened and send it back to gsheet. How can I do this?

How are you doing it without the “Scrape data in the background” action?

I’m confident you need this action to accomplish your use case.

  1. Get table from GSheet
  2. Scrape data in the background
  3. Add rows to GSheet


Can’t I just use normal scrape action, which does the scrapping in active tab or browser window?

  • The only other scraping action is the “scrape data on active tab", which will not allow you to scrape multiple links. This action runs a scraper template only for the browser tab that is in focus currently or active/selected.

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