Is it Possible to Copy/Reorder Actions?

I have a web scraping playbook that I like but now I would like add some functionality. After the scrape action I have a few data merges to get the results formatted as I need them to for google sheets. Then I have a few conditional statements to determine what tab the data belongs on and then another conditional statement to determine if the data is new, or an update. Because of the data merge I need to patch each bit of data with a ‘map fields’ rather than a ‘use command/from table’ This scrape has about 15 lines of data and it is tedious to recreate the action everytime I need it in a workbox. I would much prefer a Copy>Past>Edit workflow. Is that possible? I see that copying actions between playbooks is requested but this would be an action copied in the same workflow.

Hey there, could you please share a video or some SS and the book to get better idea of what is going on?

Sure here is a SS of one part of the book. Ideally I would like to copy the bottom row of actions to the No from the first If. Then I want to edit it to reflect another state.

This is some of the mapping I am doing in the add row action. annoying to have to duplicate it when all I want to do is change what sheet it is happening on.

Yes I agree, duplicate action would be nice. However it’s not possible at the moment, So you do not have to remap everything best would be to select the scraper and add the bulk data, than use update google sheets to add the data that does not come from the scraper.

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