Can I get multiple answers from "Get answer about a paragraph from OpenAI"

Lets say I have a scraped a description of a concert in one text string and i want to get multiple values from it. For example, (i) the band composition, (ii) the lead singer, (iii) his greatest hits, (iv) a short 5 word tagline of the concert, etc. I want to write each output value in a different cell/column in Google sheets.

Do i have to mulitple “Get answer about a paragraph from OpenAI” automations? Or can i get different values from one "“Get answer about a paragraph from OpenAI”

Hi Bob,

Thanks for reaching out! The best way to approach the following task is to use the OpenAI integration only a single time. However, when you are doing so, ask the model to strictly return the response in the format of “band composition; lead singer; greatest hits; short 5 word tagline; etc”. Then, once you have successfully gotten the response in the following format, you can use Bardeen’s “split string” and “get element from array” commands to extract the specific information from this one singe OpenAI query. This will ensure that you are using minimal credits to get the most out of your playbook. I hope this helps!


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Thank you! this is brilliant, i didnt know I could split strings. Perfect! I truly love Bardeen!