Failing to scrape a long Facebook list

Hello! So, I’m trying to scrape big FB groups (30k+ members) into a google spreadsheet, but the scraper crashes in about 40 minutes with the sign “The user interface is having trouble communicating with the extension. Try refreshing the current window and try again.”. I can also stop the scraper and it will upload the leads into the spreadsheet, but 8k leads is the biggest I managed to get this way.
Could you tell me what might be the problem?

Hi Kostya,

We highly recommend the following best practices to avoid some of the issues you are facing:

  1. Add a custom delay per page, so the scraping is more human like and also allows the page to load before scraping
  2. Scrape in smaller chunks than you are currently doing
  3. Using an app to help keep your computer awake. This is a great one for Mac

Hope that helps!

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