Facebook Group Posts - only getting most recent

I’ve tried to setup a Facebook group scraper for a group I’m a member of, both using the ‘Facebook Page Posts’ prebuilt scraper and one I tried to make myself. It’s just retrieving the very first post on the page in both circumstances. I’m running this on a group arranged already in chronological sequence (?sorting_setting=CHRONOLOGICAL)

Not sure what I’m doing wrong! Any tips on how to get it retrieving more? Longer term, I’d like to run this daily automatically in the background and retrieve any new posts posted since the last time I ran the automation, if there’s a way of doing that?


Hi @author, Welcome to the Bardeen Community :slight_smile:

Could you please provide the following to help us troubleshoot?

  1. Link to the Facebook Group
  2. Link to the Bardeen Automation

https://bardeen.ai/s/ZSpUbTgWHXlZ for automation
The facebook group in question is private but presumably can be tested with other facebook groups?

Hi @author - Typically when your list scraper is only returning one result, it means we need to update the container selector on the list scraper template.

However, the only way I was able to return multiple results was actually running the automation with the “Scrape data on active tab” instead of “Scrape Data in the background” action. It is very odd.

I cannot understand what is happening here, am curious to find out myself.

Tagging @ivan, @Deyan_Petrov for further assistance.

Here’s the automation I used to generate these differing above results: Shared Playbook | Bardeen

Yes that works now - the active tab one, not the background action.
Out of interest, is there a way I can edit/see the logic of the scraper you made? I can’t figure out how to gain access to that (though have been able to use yours for my own automation)

Hi @author - unfortunately, at the moment Bardeen doesn’t allow shared custom scraper templates to be edited/viewed by anyone other than the creator. And if the creator delete the scraper template on their end, others will no longer be able to use it.

Here’s a snip of the one I created for this use case, nothing fancy, but lmk if you want to see more:

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It is now possible to expand on an existing scraper model.

If you go to the scrape target page and select “create a new scraper template” you can do this.

Tagging @danmelk to check why is Bardeen not scraping properly on Facebook Group Posts