Facebook Group and email address

Is it possible to extract email address from people who are associated with a specific group?

I couldn’t figure out how to do with through Bardeen.ai

Here’s what my solution came to:

  1. Use the “Facebook Group member Save Facebook page to Google Sheets” pre-stock playbook, and add an infinite scroll view, or use an alternative auto scroll chrome extension of some kind so you can (eventually lol) get to the very bottom of the group members page.

  2. Setup a custom scrapper to open the personal profile of the extracted group members. (Probably good to set it up to pull extra data from their about section if present) and export to a Google Sheet.

  3. Once you have the personal facebook profile URLs in a Google Sheet, sign up with PhantomBuster.com and use the “Email Extractor” Phantom, uploading the profiles as a CSV.

  4. You’ll retrieve phone numbers / emails for about 30-70% of the list. Some will only have phone numbers. Some will only have emails. Some will have nothing. You can resubmit the people with phone numbers on other scrapper tools to get emails (and vis versa).

Tip: Between step 2 and step 3, I would also suggest considering using the “LinkedIn Profile URL Finder” and separating the FB group members with a returned LinkedIn profile URL from the ones without one, and run them both separately through the “Email Extractor” Phantom. LinkedIn Profiles seem to have a higher success rate in returning phone numbers and emails successfully through scrapper tools. Still worth doing both though.

I’m very green to the world of automation (this was my first time setting one up actually) but this is what I came to with my limited knowledge when trying to get emails from FB group members.

Hope it helps.

Thanks for that awesome solution Jaren.

Hey Michelle, here’s the playbook that Jaren is referring to: https://www.bardeen.ai/playbooks/facebook-group-to-sheets

We have integrations with Snov and Apollo that would help you find contact details but if you only have their name (and no other details), it might result in the wrong contact details especially for common names.

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