Editing out query info from scraped urls?

I’m doing some scraping & getting urls results that are the same, but with different query info: “?thing=randomInfo”

How can I alter scraped text or url strings to remove the query portion prior to saving it in Notion?

Hi @comfortsteve, Welcome to the Bardeen Community :slight_smile:

Try adding them to a Google Sheet and use a formula to alter the url strings to your liking and then send it to Notion.

Hi! I just did this tonight.
In google sheets, select the column that contains your data. Then click on ‘Data’ at the top and select ‘split text to columns’ and on the box that pops up that says ‘Separator’ choose the first character of the portion that you want to remove. In your example, you would enter “?” and the cells would split and you would have two columns: one that contains the query and one that contains everything after “?”
*Don’t forget to add a column to the right so you don’t override any data :+1:

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